What Searchlight membership includes

Year-round insights. Bespoke value. New thinking. Practical answers.

Unlock unparalleled value with an annual membership which includes:  

  • Quarterly virtual cornerstone meetings bring the global network together to tackle vital questions as a group and share experiences which help members make better decisions 
  • Year-round support from the member value delivery team who focus on helping individual members achieve their specific goals  
    and who operate as an extension of members’ own teams 
  • Access to an exclusive online community hub which offers a platform to ask and answer questions, benchmark data, get market intelligence, event highlights, industry papers and more 
  • Bespoke reactive engagements including group and individual extension conversations that build on cornerstone meetings, journal clubs examining trending papers, in-person dinners and more 

Our comprehensive suite of features arms us with the tools to provide demonstrable value to you as an individual, as part of a group, and to the wider community.

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation

Searchlight makes meaningful progress

“A raising tide raises all ships so if we can foster that within this network and have a place where we can store information and resources, things get into the clinic faster, we get more efficient in our processes, and everybody wins”.



“I really believe there is some space in the ADC field to share between companies, to improve they ways of working and navigate the regulatory landscape in an ADC working group like this”.

“The ability to share experiences, questions or challenges in an ADC-specific network is a tremendously valuable tool”.

Accelerate your ADC
Manufacturing success

Be inspired by forward-thinking leaders. Grow beyond your perceived
limits. Connect with members. Redefine and realize your business goals
with Searchlight by Hanson Wade.